River Bend Jigs

River Bend Jigs

by Terry Wiest

 For those of you that steelhead fish with jigs, we all know there are a ton of companies that produce them.  Do they all catch fish?  Pretty much so.  After all, most look darn close to the other brands.  But there are a few things that set some jigs much higher on the pedestal then the others – namely hooks, materials and craftsmanship.

At River Bend Jigs each and every one is hand tied individually by the owners.  Quality control is key as they stake their name on each jig every time one is sold.  They do have the usual, pinks and whites, peaches, double beaded, marabou, rabbit fur, etc, etc, etc.  But when you want a custom tied jig there is none better.

I recently was getting ready for a trip to the Moose River in Terrace BC.  I really wanted a bunch of jig patterns that I’ve had tremendous luck with lately but didn’t have the time, nor did I want to tie them myself.

I contacted River Bend Jigs and they were happy to help me out.  I emailed them a couple pictures from different angles that I wanted tied and they said no problem.  A week later they arrived in the mail and Voila!  They looked perfect.  Not only did they tie up my custom colors but they also included some of their colors they’ve been experimenting with for me to try.

Now they looked good – but would they work.  Well, I knew they would, but would they hook a fish, hold up and be able to keep fishing… that would be the question.

It wouldn’t be long on the Moose that I tied a jig on and gave it a go.  First pass and bobber down.  Now I had already caught a few the day previous using eggs so I knew how much these fish fight.  They’re all true native fish and wilder than wild.  It wasn’t a huge fish by any imagination, but a solid 10lb fish, chrome bright and she made the reel sing.  After releasing the beauty, I examined the hook.  Still sharp, all marabou still intact and it maintained the original hook shape.  We’re good to go!

All River Bend Jigs are tied using Owner 2X hooks.  Always one of my favorite jig hooks.  I would never comprise price for quality.  These may be a little more expensive but there’s a reason why I like them, and River Bend uses them – they’re dang good and a fish won’t bend them out.

I had Marabou tied up on all my jigs.  The feathers were of superb quality giving tremendous action in the water.
Craftsmanship is second to none.  You’ll notice on every jig the eye is punched out for you so no fumbling around trying to clean the hole before you could tie a knot.

I caught and released several fish using River Bend Jigs on this trip – my tackle bag will now be stocked with many other patterns I’m going to have them tie for me.

Whether you need custom jigs, or if you want to go with the standard colors, give River Bend Jigs a try!

River Bend Jigs