Simms Dry Creek Rolltop Backpack

By Terry Wiest

Simms Dry Creek Roll Top Backpack

For me, one of the most important tools you can have when fishing is a good backpack. Doing most of my fishing from the bank and hiking miles upon miles of riverbank, it becomes even more vital.

My last backpack was like that blanket you had as a kid that you just couldn’t get rid of. It was great when I first got it and I just loved it. But, as time has passed it’s seen it’s days and none of the zippers worked anymore. Waterproof? don’t think it ever really was and the last few times out everything was soaking wet at the end of a days trip. It was hard to toss it in the trash, but its done.

While heading up to Alaska last year I had run into Eric Neufeld, the local rep for Simms. He had this backpack on that just looked cool. Not only did it look cool, he said it had everything you needed in a backpack, room, comfort, accessability, and above all, it was waterproof!

So remembering our conversation it was time to pull the trigger and I ordered my new backpack – a Simm’s Dry Creek Roll Top Backpack.

The first thing I noticed when upacking it was how light it was. But, the most amazing thing was actually how much room it had in it! It has one main compartment that stores an incredible amount of stuff. Inside the main compartment also has a couple storage pockets to help organize your gear. A waterproof zippered storage pouch between the shoulder straps has enough room to store your items that you need fast access to. It also has a holder on each side for water bottle, rod, gps, sunglasses or something of similar size.

Once you have your gear in, it rolls up tightly and has a snap system to keep it snug along with velcro on the rolled part. All combined it keeps the water out! The Denier material is absolutely waterproof and tough so you don’t have to worry about puncturing it on tree branches or getting hooks in it.

Everything is adjustable and once adjusted to you and your fishing clothes it’s very comfortable. There’s a waste strap and a chest strap to ensure it stays in place while hiking.

My old backpack seemed completely full when I cleaned it out. My new one? We’ll, I even added more gear than what was in the old one and it’s about half full.

First trip I didn’t hesitate to throw it on the bank in the pooring rain while I fished my spots. I had enough gear in my pockets to get me through a few hours so my first test was when I was feeling a need for a shot of caffeine. I opened the rolltop and, as expected, everything was completely dry. A steady rain for almost 10 hours of fishing and all is perfect.

I’ve since been out a few times with friends in sleds and driftboats and just throw it in. Everything I need I can keep in it, it’s easy to carry around, and again – 100% waterproof – a must in the Pacific Northwest.

Below is was Simms has to say about this great backpack:

Simms Dry Creek Roll-Top Backpack
Just toss the super tough 1,365 cubic inch pack into the boat and forget about it. Well placed access points make it simple to find your gear, and easily add-on the Dry Creek and Headwaters packs when needed.


* 420 Denier, double-coated polyurethane nylon shell, 210 Denier lining
* Water-tight roll-top with side buckle closure
* Fully adjustable aeromesh padded shoulder straps and lumbar back support
* Removable side rod holder straps
* Zippered water bottle/rod holder pocket
* Small bifurcated internal pocket
* Convenient carrier loop
* Excellent system when combined with the Headwaters or Dry Creek packs

Dimensions: 13″x21″x5″
Capacity: 22 Liters, 1365 cubic inches

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