Simms – G4Z Waders

By Terry Wiest

When one thinks of the “best” waders out there, one name generally rises to the top – Simms. Simms has long been associated with quality, long lasting, non-leaking, good fitting, comfortable and most importantly “KEEP YOU DRY” waders. Yes, they are the best. And the “best of the best” is the new G4Z waders.

Just by looking at them you can see the quality in every detail and the thought that went into these waders. A big improvement over any other wader I’ve tried is the newly designed suspender system. Not only comfortable, but very rugged and they will not fall off your shoulders. The obvious detail you see however when looking at the G4Z is the zipper. Yep – they zip up the front with a YKK Aquaseal waterproof zipper. Not only does this feature prove invaluable when it comes to mother natures call, but where I really love this feature is at the end of the day when taken the waders off. No more stepping on each foot and pulling with all your might to get each leg off.

Simms also incorporates 5 layers of GORE-TEX® Pro Shell where it’s most needed, the legs, waist and seat. Using the best for the best only makes sense. Since I use my waders not only when wading, but also in the driftboat or sled, the extra layers of fabric in the seat is a great feature to guard against wear. Of course the knees in my opinion are the most crucial area of the wader because of kneeling down to release a fish, or falling down to your knees which unfortunately I have done a few times already on the slippery river bottoms. And good news, no problems with leaking and only some minor scuffs.

This is my first season with the G4Z waders and they are by far the most comfortable waders I have ever worn. With 20 standard sizes available it’s almost as if every pair is custom made. With other waders I wore a size “L”. With Simms however a size “L” would be too big in the chest. My size is a “MK”, or Medium King. Like I said, like they were custom made.

Again, only my first season with these, but I’m impressed. I’ll update this in the future after I get another year on them, and then again in couple years. With the quality of these waders I’m positive they’re going to last for many seasons.

Below are some of the highlights of the Simms G4Z waders:

  • Manufactured in Bozeman. Every pair if tested in Bozeman before they are shipped to ensure the lowest leakage and return rates in the industry
  • Pro Shell Gore-Tex Membrane which is the finest membrane Gore currently manufacturers.
  • Patented Front & Back seam construction for enhanced fit, comfort, durability, and ease of movement. By cutting the pattern with articulation for the leg the need for darting to create articulation is eliminated, thus less seams to wear out and leak.
  • 5 layer fabric in legs, waist and seat. This is important for maximum durability while wading or rowing the boat. This “tailoring” or fit noticeable and makes a difference keeping you comfortable on the water.
  • YKK Aquaseal waterproof zipper really works and is very easy to zip and un-zip.
  • Stretch spacer mesh suspenders are very unique to this wader and are very comfortable compared to competitors.
  • Super High quality wading belt.
  • Available in a bootfoot model and custom stockingfoot sizes.
  • Anatomically correct left and right feet featuring the hourglass seam design for ease of putting on and taking off, also increased durability.