Stamp River Steelhead Report

Big rains the last few days have jetted the water levels to heights beyond fishable. Up until the last couple of day it has been perfect conditions for Steelhead fishing. The occasional hard rains with a rise and subsequent drop in river heights continues to motivate Salmon to spawn and the Summers and Fall Runs to gorge on their eggs.

We look forward for this deluge of rain to finish up and the river to drop back into fishable conditions.

There are fresh Fall Steelhead also entering the river and we will see this continue through the month of November and December.  The Stamp River has a a run of late fall Steelhead as well that mixes in with the Summers in the upper river.

Double Header Fall Steelhead Stamp RiverThe fish are aggressive on eggs so artificial lures such as a single bead drifted under a float work best. While on the fly is also doable with an egg pattern with a float/sink fly line the encounters are less than gear fishing. None the less still can be done if your a good throw!

There are also Cutthroat that came out of the big lakes upstream now also still in the mix.




Marilyn Murphy – Murphy’s Sportfishing



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