TakeDownz – Soft Spike Beads

By Terry Wiest

Nothin like throwing a punk rocker style bead into the mix. But then again, on those days when we just don’t know what a steelhead wants, this may look very enticing. Heck, on any day these beadz may look enticing.

Not really a bead in the traditional sense, but there is a hole through the middle (lined with plastic tubing) and they do float. Will they attract Steelhead, or any other fish, I have no doubt. The one thing that sets them apart from the traditional beads however is the spikes. But this is the intriging part, they are soft spikes. This may just give a little edge when the fish engulfs the offerring and doesn’t feel the harndness of the bead, but rather a nice cushy spongelike feeling. They may just hold on that extra little amount so the fisherman can “feel” the bite.

I had my buddy, Jody Allison from Anglers Advantage Tackle tie me up some jigs with these beadz rather then the traditonal double beads that I use with most my jigs… they are KILLER!

Although I’ve only fished with the beadz and jigz once – they are now a part of my arsenal and you’ll soon be seeing pics of fish with them in their mouths.

Oh, and they’re UV for those of you who have been sold on this phenomenon.

You can purchase them at Outdoor Emporium, Sportco in Fife or Online at www.konezone.com .