Team ARSC Westport, WA Report

Fishing for Lingcod and Seabass is outstanding and with a two Lingcod (no size restriction) and 7 Rockfish limit this fishery is second to none for angling action and take home fish.   

If your out on your own and looking for some Lingcod I’d mooch whole blue label herring at the bottom.  The key is to hit bottom and immediately wins the herring up about 15′, then back to the bottom, yo-yoing the bait up and down during the drift.   

For the Rockfish we like to use shrimp flies and/or 5″ grubs in purple or brown.  Meter the schools of fish over hard bottom and deploy your gear at the depth you see the marks.  FYI Westport has live Anchovy now and those can help the Rockfish bite too.


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