The Egg Alternative – Shrimp

No Eggs??

No worries! If you ever find yourself out of fresh eggs and don’t think you can catch fish without them, DON’T WORRY!

Here’s a quick, easy and very good alternative to eggs, and for me, my number one bait through the summer months for Summer Steelhead. Winter Steelhead, Coho, Kings as well Chums also love this easily available bait.

Here’s what to do in time of need:

1. Go to your local grocery store and look in the fish department. What your looking for is head off, shell on shrimp. Most grocery stores carry them thawed, but if frozen purchase them in one pound bags. Once you’ve found them you have to decide what size you need. To me this isn’t important because we’re cutting them into small chunks anyway. For about $3.99 a pound you have an endless supply of bait, close to home, and you don’t even have to worry about making room for all your bait in your own freezer.

2. You’ll need your favorite bait cure. I like BEAU MACS Pro Glow but they all work.

3. A glass or stainless steel bowl. If you don’t have one of those don’t fret, a gallon sized zip lock bag will work wonders in times of need (just make sure you have a good one or you’ll have a mess if it leaks).

OK here’s all you need to do:

  • Place your shrimp, shell on, in the container of your choice.
  • Sprinkle a small amount of your favorite egg cure on them.
  • Mix well
  • Let stand for a few hours
  • Strain all the juice off them
  • Cut into bait sized chunks
  • Now you have some killer fresh bait in a matter of no time.


This stuff is a Steelhead favorite fished just like roe, yet cleaner, stays on the hook longer, more readily available, and not a pain in the behind to use.