Trolling Metal Jigs without a Flasher

As you know, I’m passionate about metal jigs and their effectiveness when jigged or cast.  However, I’m also passionate about their effectiveness when trolled.  Very few anglers are aware of this.

A properly designed metal jig for trolling, such as a Kandlefish, is part flasher and part dodger.  As a result, it is not necessary to troll a metal jig behind an attractor.  In fact, a flasher or dodger negatively affects the lively darting and vibrating action of the Kandlefish or Sonic BaitFish.  My only modification is the addition of a willow leaf, or Indiana, blade onto the backside of the hook…as shown in the two photos.  The blade adds extra flash and harmonics (sound of the blade striking the shank of the hook).

My techniques are to keep things simple as I’ll…

a) flat-line troll for fish near surface,

b) attach a Luhr Jensen “Deep Six” diver about three feet ahead of the Kandlefish to get deeper or

c) attach the Kandlefish 3-4 feet off a downrigger cable, or off the weight, for more precise depth control.

My favorite sizes are the 1/3 and 1 1/2 oz’ers.  Finish…I’m very impressed with the new two-sided finish by the Kandlefish manufacturer…Wahoo Fishing Products.  The silver side works great for flash on bright days. The other side, UV glow (available in different colors), is exceptional for its long-lasting glow in dark water and on cloudy days.  Basically, this finish practically eliminates the need for changing to different finishes throughout the day to adjust to sun or clouds.

Two-sided, 2 oz Kandlefish (UV glow white side.  Appears   pink in photo) by Wahoo Fishing ProductsNOTE…The same Kandlefish trolling lure in the photo, less the blade, caught over a dozen large chinook salmon while vertical jigging on opening day this past July 1.  Also, this Kandlefish trolling concept has been used in the Gulf of Mexico, including speed trolling, consistently out-fishing high profiled troll baits.


Happy day…Pete Rosko