Unbelievable – Check out the Base!

Wow… I’m super stoked about the mount being created by Trophy Fish Replicas, but can’t even fathom the amount of work Ron has put into this piece already, and it’s just the base!


It truly is going to be a piece of art… and… it’s going on my mantle!

Check out the progress in the pics below.  Can’t wait until the work begins on the fish.

Step 10-Arranging small river stones into composition_Side A

Step 11-Brushing in adhesive to attach small stones

Step 12-Shaking out extra loose sand and rocks

Step 15-Habitat ready to be secured into wood base and finish edges

Step 16-Drilling through driftwood to set support for fish

Step 17-Finishing edges of habitat and applying sealer

Step 18-Finished habitat base ready for fish



Interested in a mount?  Tell Ron Steelhead University sent you….

Ron Camp – Owner, Trophy Fish Replicas




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