Westport Albacore Report

Team ARSC Westport Albacore report  

We’ve been on the fish for almost four weeks now and doing good overall with a mix of sizes and scores everyday.   

We’re seeing really warm sea surface temperatures already (mid 60’s) and have a lot of other pelagics around like Mako shark, bluefin tuna, and Yellowtail.   

We fish live bait for these impressive torpedo shaped killers which makes for an extremely excited hands on experience.  Trolling has been very good as well with lots of multiple hook-ups each time.   

There are fish stretches out from north of Grays canyon south past Astoria canyon and starting around the 125 line and out (around 44nm, which is about a 2 hour run for our Go fast boats.   

Things are headed in the right direction for a long and productive season!



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