Westport Tuna Fishing Report

We have 7 trips in the books and for the most part it’s been a troll show, an outstanding one at that.  But yesterday we did find some fish that stuck with us for a good hour on bait.  I think we caught 20 on that stop then repeated it for the rest of what we need to plug the boat.

Big fish in the mix too.  One was 35#’s and we had many in the 20’s!!!

No real sign out there.  Occasional jumpers, sonar marks, and single birds.  But there’s a volume of fish out there given the excellent troll and now bait action.  We haven’t come on with less than 40 tuna except for one trip last weekend.


They’re all up and down the temp break and as close as 29nm…just start fishing when it gets deep!  Here to an epic season!

Thank you,

Capt. Mark Coleman – Guide/Owner

All Rivers & Saltwater Charters





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