Wow… What a Fish!

Aaron Jordan, owner of “Get the Net Guide Service” landed this monster buck while fishing in British Columbia.  The huge buck measured 43” x 23”.  Naturally after landing such a prized trophy, Jordon thought about getting a replica made.

Luckily, Jordon found Ron Camp of “Trophy Fish Replicas” after seeing a Coho of Steelhead University’s Terry Wiest that Camp had masterfully replicated a recently.

Coho Replica made for Terry Wiest

“I couldn’t believe how realistic the Coho looked”, said Jordon. “After reading the article and seeing Camp’s work, I knew he was the only one I wanted to bring my fish back to life”.

So after the two talked, Camp drew up a rendition of what he thought his wall mount should look like.

Artists Rendition of Jordan’s Massive Steelhead

Stunning to stay the least. This is going to look absolutely gorgeous in Jordon’s house and be the focus of years of conversations and reminiscing about the epic battle and being able to release this beast back to its natural habitat.

Follow along on Steelhead University as we capture all the steps taken to ensure this will be a lifetime treasure of Jordan’s.

If you’re interested in having a replica made, Steelhead University highly recommends and endorses Trophy Fish Replicas as its choice for Salmon and Steelhead Replicas.  They’re simply the best at a much more attractive price than that of top artists in the Washington/Oregon region.


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